DEHORS outputs
Models of outdoor learning spaces in pre-schools

The output consists of two innovative models of innovative outdoor learning space in pre-schools, as follows:

Model ACreation of new pre-school outdoor learning environment
Model BRe-designing of existing pre-school outdoor setting.

In particular the models developed through this IO will include elements valorising:

  • Problem solving, explorative and practical approaches
  • Constructive, creative and playful approaches
  • Experience-based learning -Learning by body and senses
  • Learning by communication and social collaboration
Guide for the development and valorization of outdoor spaces

The output is about guidelines for the planning and using outdoor spaces in pre-schools according to the approach elaborated in the models (Ouput1). The guidelines will provide a key tool for ECEC actors in the partner countries but also in the rest of the European Union aiming at improving the quality of learning in their outdoor spaces.

The guidelines will be articulated in the three main parts:

  • A research part framing the value of the outdoor spaces in relation to quality of ECEC
  • A part describing the main elements emerged from the creation of the models
  • A section dedicated to a description and an analysis of the process and methodology used by the partners
  • A section dedicated to the best practices tested with example of different activities